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Your car will have our undivided attention and the outcome will surpass your expectations.

Attentive and Communicative Queens Auto Detailer

You get to the car wash and see a long line for them to service your car. Sometimes you have to wait there for an hour at most until someone comes to you and asks you what service you want, without explaining how the service works or asking if you have any concerns.

In the end, you join them drying off your car because you know they have to work on the other ten cars coming behind you, and won’t do that great of a job. Well here at Adonis Auto Detailing Services, we offer the total opposite of that, we know this is time dedicated for your car.

If you’re looking for an auto detailer in Queens, who can answer your questions and also provide the much needed service to your vehicle, then this is the place where you can do all of that and much more.

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See why all of Queens Customers are raving about Adonis Auto Detailing

Shirlee R

"To say that Im happy with the service I was provided at Adonis auto detailing, would be an understatement."

Kamraj H

"Very good job Would recommend anyone to check you guys out!"

Jennifer T

"Junior and his sister Kimberly did a great job detailing not ONLY my car but also my daughters car seat."

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You can always call and text at (347)861-8315, or if your busy email us. We will answer as soon as we can and get the process going. Once we set up the appointment, the day of your detailing, we will go over with you our process and at the same time you can point out any concerns.

We will dedicate and be thorough during the detailing service. Have this is mind, the auto detailing service we provide is not for everyone, because of the prices and time. We live in the one of the biggest cities in the world; Queens has lots of other businesses that provide quick and cheaper services.

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Basic Interior Detail

the basic interior is more of a maintenance type of service. A light service will be done in the whole interior and an interior dressing, to protect it from UV rays and give it a nice shine. Read more and book now.

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Deep Interior Detail

Now the deep interior detail is for those that use the car on an everyday basis, or have children and spills happen, or you bought this car from the previous owner who didn’t take care of the vehicle, etc. A protective dressing will be put on all plastic surfaces, giving it an amazing look in the inside and feeling fresh once you step inside your car.

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Premier Car Wash

This wash is a deep wash that we provide. We hand wash every single part of your vehicle and remove all traffic film that has accumulated over time. A protective wax is applied to protect the paint of your car and also to make it stand out. Tires and rims are also taken care of as well.

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Adonis Car Wash and Clay Detail

The only major difference between this service and the premier car wash is that we apply a clay bar treatment to remove all the roughness on the car. This is usually done after the car is washed and the reason is done is because there is stuck on dirt, that we are unable to see. Tires, rims, glass will be taken care of as well.

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Engine Bay Cleaning

Does your car have a really dirty engine and you have no idea how to clean it? We can clean your engine bay and dress it and leave you satisfied.

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A bit more information about the Auto Detailing Services

We currently welcome all of New York City and Nassau County to try out our services. Yet since New York City is a big city, we are currently based in Queens. We look forward to being able to expand to more locations or become Mobile and service our neighboring boroughs and for them to get to know the Adonis Auto Detailing brand!

We know how hard it is too find a place where your car can be thoroughly cleaned, even in this big city where you can find almost anything! We look forward in servicing your vehicle and we will do our best to make you happy!

We try to pay attention to every single detail of your car and put ourselves in your shoes to see if you’re satisfied with the work. Yet, as humans, we could be prone to missing something, so if you see something that you’re not happy with, we will fix as soon as possible.

Remember, we are here to enhance your vehicle from its previous state, to the realm of reality. If it’s something, that we can’t fix, we will tell you beforehand or during the detail.